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the instructor

Alisa Vitti is a functional nutritionist and hormone expert.  She is the founder of Floliving, a digital center for modern menstrual care.  And her two books, Women Code and In The Flo have totallly transformed how one can think about their period.

what to expect

Biohacking for bleeders! Turns out, we got TWO biological clocks and the circadian rhythm needs to start sharing the spotlight!  Let’s learn about the far-too-long-neglected infradian rhythm and how we can start taking care of it, so that our menstrual cycles can work FOR us! Heck, yea!


If you want to take Alisa’s Period Program (more info below), use code allbodiesflo for 1 free month!


Important note: The presenter uses gendered language throughout this presentation.  Allbodies knows that not every body with a menstrual cycle identifies as a woman. And also, that some people who identify as women, don’t have a menstrual cycle.  The content presented here is appropriate for any body who has a menstrual cycle and is not transitioning with a hormonal treatment.  If you have a menstrual cycle and don’t identify as a woman, please know, we love you, we see you, and we welcome you. And we hope, the gendered language aside, you can still take away some very important info about your body.   

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