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Can Too Much Masturbation Be Harmful?

Can Too Much Masturbation Be Harmful?

Can Too Much  Masturbation Be Harmful?

Dear allbodies,


I masturbate a lot and fear that by doing it so often I am harming my clitoris/nerves. Am I wrong to worry?




Dear #AFervidButWorriedMasturbator


Our bodies like to find the most efficient ways to do things, and that includes experiencing pleasure & orgasm. While you won’t harm your nerve endings, what can happen is that your nerves get accustomed to being stimulated in a particular way.

The solution is simple: switch up how you masturbate, including your position, what you use (fingers vs sex toys), the amount of lube you use (including none), the pressure, etc. Initially, switching up your self-pleasure routine may mean it takes you longer to experience climax, but it’s worth it to guarantee you never get stuck in a masturbatory rut.

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Kait Scalisi, MPH

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