The Art of Embodiment - Allbodies

the instructor

Dr. Jeevan Singh is a Doctorate of Science in classical Chinese medicine and Masters of Science in Integrative Mental Health.  Their work is informed by their lineage spaning across India, Ecuador and Puerto Rico.

what to expect

Most of us are comfortable leaving it to the medical community to tell us what’s happening inside. (Totally cool… praise the gods for modern medicine…)  But, our first-person observation is very cool, too.  It is immediately factual and we are the ONLY ones who can retrieve the data. Yet, as a society, we are generally inexperienced with practicing and trusting our first-person observations.


In class, Dr. Jeevan Singh will lead us through somatic exercises to practice observing our body and understanding it’s messages.  We’ll discuss how embodiment (or lack thereof) affects our relationships to ourselves and others, shows up in every action we take, and translates as consent.  All participants will leave class with a sharpened set of tools for observing, interpreting and listening to your body.

pre-class prep

Bring an object with you to CLASS that you really like! Perhaps you enjoy the smell, texture, sound or memories associated with the object.

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