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What You Need To Know About Birth BEFORE You Are Preggers!


a digital health class What you Need to Know About Birth BEFORE you are Preggers will my vag be stretched out forever? how exactly does a baby possibly fit through my pelvis without it breaking? how does the whole process work? we’ll talk through all your fears and learn how birth is a major human rights issue.*This class is for anyone who may be pregnant someday or loves someone who may be pregnant someday.  Basically, everyone. :) Isn't wild that so few of us know anything about childbirth even though it's how we all got here?! If you want to give birth at some point, or if you are simply birth-curious, you must take this class.  We'll address all your juiciest Qs (you know, the stuff no one tells you about the process!) as well as talk through how in America, birth is a human rights issue.  Let's get informed, so more people can stay safe and healthy.  We must remember that birth is not solely an outcome, it's also an experience! This class will cover:   exactly how our bodies prepare, shape shift and support us through the birth process- it's actually pretty freakin' wild! the history of birth in America and how it lead to the worst maternal mortality rates of all wealthy nations. myths and misconceptions around pregnant people, birth and the birth process.   the instructor:  Ash Spivak is co-founder of Allbodies, an internationally certified birth doula and reproductive health educator.  She recently co-authored a book about birth, "Why Did No One Tell Me This? The Doula's Honest Guide for Expectant Parents."   If money is tight, we got you.  Sign-up HERE to access the community fund. ♥

Cannabis + Sexual Health


a digital health class cannabis for health + sex life learn how cannabis can be used as medicine + for enhancing your sex life.Many of us like cannabis for, um, specific reasons.  But, as you've heard, cannabis can also be used as medicine! This class will teach you:   how different parts of the cannabis plant affect the human body. what we know about using cannabis for sexual health, reproductive health issues, pain management, mental health, sleep, digestion and more. creative ways to use different kinds of cannabis to enhance your sex life - including libido, arousal, stimulation + orgasms, the sexual vibe you want to create and more! best practices when choosing a CBD product for your body. the cannabis industry today: government regulations + scientific research   the instructor:  Jillian Tuchman is a Registered Dietitian, Western-trained herbalist and Medical Cannabis expert. Jillian trains and educates physicians on its clinical use, formulates CBD products for global cannabis brands and is currently conducting research on the relationship between the microbiome and various cannabinoids.   If money is tight, we got you.  Sign-up HERE to access the community fund. ♥



a digital health class should I freeze my eggs? everything to know about egg freezing vs. natural fertilityThere's tons of pressure to freeze your eggs before it's "too late".  At the same time  more people seem to be having babies later in life, without fertility treatments.  Fertility is confusing!  This class will teach you everything to know about egg freezing and natural fertility -- from the western and naturopathic perspectives. We'll answer these questions:   Is there really a 'fertility cliff' at age 35? What exactly happens in the egg freezing process + proceedure. When is it too late to freeze your eggs? What is the liklihood that the frozen eggs will work? What are my other options? What can I be doing NOW to optimize my fertility in a few years?   the instructors:  Dr. Joesph Davis of Cayman Fertility Centre (where you can get the Egg Procedure done) and Dr. Aumatma Shah (a naturopathic doctor who helps people get pregnant naturally).   If money is tight, we got you.  Sign-up HERE to access the community fund. ♥