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Extend Fertility

Extend Fertility
  • Freezing your eggs
  • Understanding your options when it comes to egg freezing
  • Preserving your eggs when you have cancer or other health concern

200 West 57th Street, Suite 1101 , New York, NY, 10019

Extend Fertility is an egg-freezing studio that provides excellent care in a world-class lab, for much more affordable prices. Their goal is to ensure their patients understand their biology, have access to the latest breakthroughs and treatments so that they are truly informed.

  • They focus on education in addition to their services.  
  • They want their services to be more accessible- so their price point is lower than most and they have financing options.
  • Extend is the first service in the country to focus exclusively on women who want to proactively preserve their fertility options. Whaaat!?! So cool.  
  • Freezing your eggs!

“Easy breezy process for egg freezing — from consultation to retrieval took me less than 10 days (much faster than usual) and the doctor/nurse/coordinator staff was all very pleasant to work with and helpful. Above all, the transparency and abundance of easy-to-understand information on the website was what made me choose Extend.”

I traveled to NYC five times and underwent five egg freezing cycles over the last 3 years to meet my banking goals (32-35 years old). Extend is one of the most affordable ways to freeze eggs in the U.S., without foregoing quality (don’t go to a “trendy” clinic that offers champagne, hashtags and no actual endocrinologists–OBGYN’s are not specialized enough). Conservatively estimating, I saved $50k in total, or 10k per cycle over the course of five cycles compared to my local options in Seattle. Not only are they affordable, they’re incredible people. I have low AMH and DOR, and I was treated with the best care during the highs and the lows of my treatment. I never felt like a number, and my doctor’s and nurses actually cared about my outcomes–and did everything they could to support my success, even more so as an out-of-state patient. I will recommend Extend to any woman I know who is interested in freezing.

Extended Fertility is the best resource for those of us trying to preserve options for having kids. They have the best pricing model, a first-rate medical team and the nicest staff. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use them and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Use them. You won’t regret it.


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