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Going Off The Pill

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After over 15 years of taking it, I’ve just made the decision to leave the pill and start with a fertility awareness method to prevent pregnancy. What’s the best way to approach this decision and get the most out of it? I am super anxious because of all the uncertainty and the fact I don’t know “who I am” off the pill. I don’t know what do I have to be taking into consideration or mention to my ob-gyn (who, despite the fact I am an overall healthy person, does not support this decision).




Dear #LoveWhoIAmOffThePill


Conventional doctors will typically want you to stay on hormonal birth control, so kudos to you for taking matters into your own hands. I’d say more than anything, it’s so important to have patience with your body as you both navigate this new reality off the pill. I tell women to expect 1-2 months of healing for every year they’ve been on the pill. I’d consider that being on the pill does a number on your gut health and nutrient stores, so make sure you are eating a wide variety of veggies (lots of color), and high quality protein and fats in each meal. Supplements like a full spectrum multivitamin along with a high quality fish oil supplement are crucial during this time. Pay special attention to your gut health too – probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, along with bone broth and collagen could be very helpful for rebuilding after long term pill use.


Nicole Jardim

Nicole Jardim (@NicoleMJardim) aka “the period girl”, is a womxn’s health & functional nutrition coach on a mission to help #womxn around the world naturally fix their periods!

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