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Birth control, birth control, birth control...

The linch pin of the feminist movement. The child of Eugenics. A history wrought with racism, sexism, and experimentation on our bodies. A tool still being used today without informed consent. A tool that gives some of us more choice and freedom, less pain and discomfort. A tool that has caused others more pain and discomfort, less freedom and choice, and masked real health concerns. We must recognize and call out all of these things when talking about birth control. Because even though it is common, and often marketed to us like candy, birth control changes the ecosystem of our bodies, each form in it’s own way. So, we must learn how to make the choices that are best for our own unique and individual ecosystems and to pay attention to the clues our bodies give us to let us know when certain forms may not be the best fit. Here are some of the topics our community asks about most: