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I can do *what* with a menstrual cup?!

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Ah, the menstrual cup! If you’re anything like us, you may feel a bit wary about swapping period products, and probably have a bunch of Qs before you’re ready to take the plunge.

We chatted with our friends at Lunette, a period cup company, to get some answers to our most pressing questions about what we can and can’t do with a cup in. 


P.S: This is what a period cup looks like, in case you aren’t sure!


Can you do handstands with a menstrual cup in?

Yes, handstand or cartwheel away!  The cup won’t fall out, nor will the already collected blood spill out, or travel back up inside of you.  Phew!

Can I go swimming?

Heck yes, you can; With no strings attached (pun intended). You can go for a swim, soak in a tub, hang in some hot springs…all without needing to worry that there’s a string hanging out of your suit!

Can I wear it on a long plane trip?

Worried about using a menstrual cup on an airplane due to the air pressure? Worry no more! Lunette shares that air pressure has no impact on the cup. In fact, period cups are awesome travel buddies.  Why? Not only do they allow for extra room in your suitcase (no need to pack lots of tampons or pads!) but you can also wear your cup for up to 12 hours, so you’re all set even for longer flights. (You can’t keep a tampon in for that long!)

How do I clean or empty my cup in a public bathroom?

Okay, perhaps this is the biggest hump to get over.  Even though the cup can stay in for up to 12 hours, there are certainly times an emptying out sesh needs to happen in a public bathroom.  Here are some tips. 


First, pro tip.  If you empty and clean your cup prior to leaving your house for the day, or, take advantage of cleaning it when you do have access to a private bathroom throughout the day, you’ll lessen your chances of needing to do it in a public restroom. 


This said, if you do need to empty your cup in a public restroom, and there is no private sink available, you can always use the toilet for emptying. Simply wash your hands before entering the stall, dump your flow into the toilet, and then use Lunette’s cup wipes to clean up.  Hope this goes without saying but…definitely DON’T use the toilet water to clean your cup up.  Forget your cup wipes?  You can also use toilet paper. 


Problem solved 🙂

What if I'm wearing white pants?

Nothing more fun than staining a pair of your brand new whites.   Menstrual cups should not leak.  If yours does, it could be that you’re inserting the cup too high, or that you have the wrong size.  What we love about Lunette is that if you are experiencing leakage, you can contact them, and they will help you troubleshoot.

Can you have penetrative sex?

No, not pentrative sex.  But you can enjoy oral sex!

How about a spin class? Or training for a marathon?

Yup! You can run a marathon and cycle during your cycle.  You can dance or practice a martial art. You can even lift weights with that cup in!  Pro tip: If you’re worried about bearing down, for peace of mind you can always empty the cup beforehand, just in case.  

I have an IUD. Can I still use a cup?

While it is possible to use a menstrual cup with an IUD, Lunette always recommends you check with your doctor first.  You will want to make sure your IUD strings are cut as short as possible and, while using the cup, the strings should sit above or inside of the cup. You can double check you are wearing it correctly by running your finger around the edge of the cup and making sure you can’t feel string.


Lunette also recommends using some extra care when removing the cup with an IUD. Since the menstrual cup creates a little bit of suction, you don’t want to use too much force when removing it as this can accidentally tug on the IUD string.  Be sure to first break the seal of the cup before removing by squeezing the base of the cup as you gently pull.  Once the suction effect has been broken, you can fully remove the cup. 


Pro tip:  While using the cup, you will want to monitor the placement of your IUD strings to ensure the IUD hasn’t moved out of place.  If you notice your strings seem longer, it may be an indicator that your IUD has moved and is a good reason to call your doctor.

If I poop with it in, will it fall out?

No! But you may wanna check the cup post-poop (and clean up) to make sure it’s still in the right place.  It is possible for bearing down to disrupt it.  If you feel more comfortable taking the cup out for your poops, you do you!   

Do I need to take it out before I fall asleep?

Def not. For sure!  The menstrual cup can be kept in for 12 hours, so you’re good. 

Written by: Martha Michaud

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