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How Do You Bidet?

How Do You Bidet?

Maybe you’ve been to Japan and wondered about those buttons on the side of the toilet seat.  Or maybe on your last visit to Europe, you noticed a stand-alone structure next to the toilet and thought, What is that ginormous piece of equipment for?! 



Those are bidets!  


A bidet is a plumbing fixture or an attachment to your toilet that squirts clean water to wash the genitalia, perineum, and anus. You know those poops that you just can’t get a clean wipe? Bidet to the rescue 🙂 


Whether or not you have been exposed to a bidet prior to reading this, it’s likely that you never quite understood their full benefit, thought they were only for rich people, and/or figured there was absolutely no way one would ever fit inside your apartment. 


That certainly describes us!  Until we found TUSHY. TUSHY managed to take all the best parts about bidets (oh you know, like, keeping your butt clean) while also solving the space issue of the European bidets and the complication and cost issues of Japanese bidets.


TUSHY bidets are actually affordable, easy to install, kinda cool to look at, and attach straight to your toilet so it doesn’t take up any extra space.  Genius. 


And, turns out, there is more to bidets than simply helping with messy poos.  We asked TUSHY to fill us in on all the benefits of bidets. 

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Bidets help with more than a messy poo. Why else are they useful?

Better hygiene, people!

Bidets help keep your anal area cleaner than toilet paper by washing away unwanted bacteria and fecal matter. Toilet paper often leaves bits of poop behind (think about getting chocolate on the couch; you wouldn’t just wipe it with a dry cloth right?) a bidet cleans off that fecal matter (and leftover bacteria). 


For those with a vagina, note that it is possible to move bacteria from your bum to your vag while wiping with toilet paper, which can lead to infections. Washing with a bidet is much more hygienic.

Bidets are great for health issues!

Experience hemorrhoids and/or anal fissures? (Read more about butt health here). Doesn’t a gentle stream of warm water sound WAY better than rubbing scratchy toilet paper against an already super sensitive area?  Ahhh the luxury!’

If you are pregnant or postpartum...

…bidets are a superstar! (Have a pregnant friend, or one who just had a baby? Best gift.  GET THEM A TUSHY!!!


Not only are hemorrhoids more common during this time period, but postpartum, there’s some serious perineal healing that needs to happen as well as a six week (ish) bleeding period.  (This is called lochia and is the byproduct of the uterus healing post-birth). So, you can imagine the beauty of the bidet during this time.

They’re better for the environment!

It’s been suggested that bidets are better for the environment than toilet paper, which is made from trees. Americans use an average of 57 sheets of toilet paper per day, and over 15 million trees are chopped down every year just to make toilet paper for Americans (1). What a waste, right?

So, how does it work on my toilet?

TUSHY bidet attachments attach under your toilet seat and connect to your existing clean water supply from the bathroom wall — the same water you brush your teeth with! It doesn’t need electricity and can be easily removed and reinstalled (like if you’re moving or something).  It takes about 10 minutes to install on standard toilets and you don’t need a plumber. But, we won’t tell how easy it was. You can brag about installing it yourself 🙂


Is the water warm?

Great question! Depends which TUSHY you get. The TUSHY Classic just connects to your water supply and sends a stream of cool (or room temperature) water right where the doo is done.


The TUSHY Spa works in the same way, but has an additional hose that runs to your sink’s hot water connection to access warm water. A temperature control dial on the TUSHY console allows you to change the water temperature before you spray. But for the TUSHY Spa, you’d need your sink to be close to your toilet so you can access that hot water supply.

What if my sink isn’t near my toilet?

Go with the single-temperature TUSHY Classic.  The TUSHY Spa works best if your sink is located within 9 feet or so of your toilet — and ideally next to your toilet, not across from your toilet.

How do you use it?

With a bidet attachment like TUSHY, it’s pretty darn easy. Sit on that toilet, turn the knob on the TUSHY, and viola!

Do I need to wipe afterwards?

Not if you don’t want to! Air drying can be pretty darn nice. But, if your booty is too busy to air dry, you can pat dry with TUSHY’s reusable, ultra-comfy TUSHY Towels or their super sustainable 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper


Even if you decide to pat dry, using TUSHY dramatically reduces the amount of TP needed.  So you doo you.

Are bidets for people who aren’t pregnant or experiencing bum issues?

Heck yeah! Re-read that whole hygiene section.  Who doesn’t want a warm stream of water gently washing between their bum cheeks?  


Yeah, no brainer. 


Did we convince you yet?

Get yours HERE.

Written By: Martha Michaud

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