Intimacy and Sex Post Trauma - allbodies.

the instructor

Eri Guadajero Johnson is a Birth Doula (specializing in clients who have experienced sexual trauma) and Rape Crisis Peer Counselor.

what to expect

Eri talks us through how traumas from our past can show up in our bodies today, particularly during intimacy, and tools to start healing. You are not alone!

pre-class prep

We reco you have a warm drink (hot water with lemon, tea, etc.) with you as you take CLASS.

products to help ease back into your body...

44 (1)

Ohnut Penetration Protector

Super soft, stackable tool to protect against pain during penetration.

30 (3)

Herbal lube

Herbal lube you can use while practicing self-pleasure.

18 (2)

Finger Vibrator

 Practice bringing sensation back to your body slowly and safely, with this nifty finger tool. Can be used on any body part!

more to learn...

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