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Menstrual chart and the moon

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the moon phases and menstrual chart

The lunar cycle clearly affects the planet. Just think of the tides! The tides are literally a result of the gravitational pull between the sun and moon (1), and serve as a constant reminder that our planet is controlled by forces over which we are powerless. Since the lunar cycle affects our planet so much, it makes sense that it would also influence the beings that live there. And, in fact, it does! Researchers have found that corals off the coast of Australia spawn with the lunar cycle (2) – usually in the days after the full moon (3) (horny plants!) and oysters close more during the full moon (4) (though it’s still a mystery why!). Oh, the witchy hold of the moon on the natural planet!

So, what about humans? Even though you likely hear talk of our menstrual cycles being linked to the moon, research today shows no correlation (5) between moon phases and menstrual cycles. But, that said, while the direct phases may have no link, it’s still an ongoing cycle we don’t have control over…like our menstrual cycles! Plus, the full lunar cycle is 29.5 days, which is pretty close to the average menstrual cycle length. It thus makes sense that, historically, the moon cycle was used to inform people and their periods. (The word ‘menstruation’ is etymologically connected to the Greek and Latin word for month, which was derived from the word moon!) (6).

Even if there is no direct connection between your menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle, it can be fun to connect your body to the natural world via the moon and its phases by keeping a moon and menstrual chart. We partnered with our friends At The Well, a non-profit that aims to help people around the world through transformative practices inspired by ancient Jewish wisdom, to show you how you can get started!

First, what exactly is the lunar cycle anyway?

The Lunar Cycle

A Couple of Fun Lunar Cycle Facts

As we started spelling those phases and their cyclical nature out for ya, maybe you even started to see the metaphors abound and how it could be interesting to keep a moon and menstrual chart.  So now that you’ve gotten the Earth Science down, let’s get spiritual.

The White Moon Cycle

This is when you menstruate around the new moon and ovulate around the full moon. 

The Full Moon is believed to make the earth more fertile, a principle used in biodynamic farming, where seeds (13, 14) are planted during this time because they are able to hold more water (15). Ovulation is fertility (also, the full moon resembles a pregnant belly!) so when these are aligned, this fertile energy is thought to be magnified and it’s an especially good time for creativity. Because menstruation is happening when the moon is invisible, for these bleeders, it’s a prime time to go inward and for introspection to replenish their own emotional, mental, and spiritual energies.

The Red Moon Cycle

This is when you menstruate during the full moon and ovulate during the new moon. 

As we mentioned, Full Moon energy is one of growth and external energy (16), primed toward movement and action. Because these bleeders have the full moon energy during their menses, they can channel their creative energy outward instead of inward, empowering others.

The Pink Moon Cycle

This is when you menstruation when the moon is waxing. 

A waxing moon goes from darkness to light. So if you’re on a pink moon cycle this could indicate a transition phase of your life (17, 18), specifically one of growth or expansion. 

The Purple Moon Cycle

This is when you menstruate when the moon is waning (18). 

This is also a transitional phase, but in the opposite direction, going from light to dark. This may be an indication that rest and reflection (19) are needed.

Menstrual Charts and your Moon Cycle

Not sure about your menstrual cycle and moon phases? Get tracking! Our friends, At The Well,  have created a Moon Phase and Menstrual Chart to let you track BOTH your cycle AND the lunar cycle.

How to use it
Track Your Moon Cycle

Thanks At The Well!

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