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Myisha Battle

Myisha Battle
  • Better Sex
  • Relationship issues
  • Low sex drive
  • Open relationships

Everywhere! 🌍 She works virtually.

Myisha (she/her) is a certified sex & dating coach that helps women, LGBTQ folks, couples & partners of all kinds live their best sexual lives. She provides accurate sexual information, reasonable and actionable plans, and instills pride in difference on the quest for sexual satisfaction. Get it. You can work with her from anywhere!

  • Dating is hard – and no one teaches you how! Myisha makes it easier.
  • Who doesn’t want to have better sex and feel better in their body? Myisha helps you get to the root of what is going on so you can be more free.
  • Making sex and your relationships a priority
  • Enhancing your communication skills with partners
  • Working through a sexual issue or misalignment with a partner so you can be on the same page more often about what you like and when and how you want to have sex
  • Sorting through the world of online dating
  • Getting the support you need through life transitions (break-ups, childbirth, hormone therapy, divorce, opening your relationship, etc.) so that you can have a truly fulfilling sex life again.



“I loved working with Myisha. She was gentle but clear in helping me see the blocks and fears that I had around sexuality. She held me as my higher self the entire time, which I really appreciated, and shared helpful tools that created subtle but transformative shifts in my life and relationship to my own sexuality. I feel way more confident in my body and pleasure.”

“Myisha focused her perspective on my situation in such a clear, useful, and supportive way and offered me wise insight into what is happening in my relationship. With her help, I can see a clear path to what change may serve me best and I feel empowered to be honest with myself and my partner. It is so comforting to have my feelings understood and verbalized so well- she explained what was going on for me better than I myself have been able to. For me, being coached by Myisha was a practical and enjoyable way to examine difficulties with my lover and I am so grateful for her help!”

“The first time I tried dating online, I was forced into it – I wasn’t ready. The second time I tried was with the help of Myisha. After our first conversation, I realized there was quite a long list of reasons why I was in my own way for finding a healthy, long-term relationship. Needless to say I had some work to do and Myisha was there to help me get past the insecurities I had about dating online. She helped me peel back layers with in-depth conversations and her thoughtful and patient energy made it easy for me to be relaxed and deeply honest with myself.”

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