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Nimisha Gandhi

Nimisha Gandhi
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Fixing your period
  • Pregnancy
  • Fertility
  • Loss
  • Postpartum
  • Getting off birth control
  • Digestion

Everywhere! 🌍 She offers virtual sessions.

For IRL sessions you must live in San Fran.

Nimisha (she/her) is a functional nutritionist that specializes in perinatal health and the microbiome. She draws from ancient healing practices and modern medicine to serve her clients individual needs at any point in their healing journey. Nimisha works in clinical settings with MDs and as well as with other wellness professionals. Work with her from anywhere in the world. Cool!

  • Nimisha also specializes in teen health and serves as a board member for the Integrated Medicine Initiative for Teens.  
  • She blends ancient wisdom with modern medicine
  • She offers free phone consults!
  • When you are trying to get pregnant
  • Maintaining a healthy pregnancy
  • When you’re breast/chestfeeding
  • To help your child through their first period
  • Help your digestion/gut!

“Nimisha is a fantastic nutritionist. She is warm and compassionate and goes the extra mile to take care of her clients. In working with her I was always impressed with how she creates custom nutrition plans for her clients and spends extra time diving into tasty recipes that are supportive of their health and lifestyle constraints. Nimisha also has a deep scientific understanding which makes working with her easeful as she researches the science behind functional medicine conditions and strives to bring cutting edge knowledge and solutions to her clients. Beyond that Nimisha has empathy for her clients having faced challenges herself and is able to truly relate to their needs. I highly recommend her as a functional medicine and Ayurvedic nutritionist. ” Dr. Mima Geere, MD

“Nimisha is an incredible holistic health practitioner that I highly recommend, especially for yoga Nidra, fertility, and functional nutrition-based Ayurvedic counsel. Her warmth, passion, and nurture are palpable. I appreciate her devotion to inclusion and collaboration, as well as her attention to each individual’s unique needs. Knowledgeable, and such a joy to work with!

“Nimisha is a truly brilliant nutritionist and warm, approachable speaker. There are few women in my network that have as much knowledge with nutrition as she does. She oozes her passion for hormone balancing, eating for fertility and mood, maintaining a healthy gut, and healing through food. My favorite thing about her nutrition expertise is she distills her abundance of knowledge into actionable information you understand. Similarly, I have had the pleasure of attending several of her workshops and seen her speak at two conferences. Her smart yet warm approach connects with everyone in the room. She rocks her content and makes you hungry for more. I cannot recommend her more.”

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