PCOS - allbodies.


PCOS, or, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a hormonal condition in which ovulators have higher levels of certain hormones that can cause those affected to have irregular periods, excess body hair, weight gain and trouble getting pregnant. In one study we found, up to 70 percent of those with PCOS hadn’t been diagnosed. The following practitioners know the signs to look for and can not only help with diagnoisis, but with treatment too.

Tia Clinic
Kimberly Johnson
Ashley Hartman Annis
Dr. Joseph Davis
Jillian Tuchman, RDN
Dr. Aumatma Shah
Women’s True Healing
Nimisha Gandhi
Takiya Ballard
Mt. Sinai Center For Transgender Medicine and Surgery
Dr. Alexandra Garcia, L.Ac.
Callen Lorde
Jeevan Singh
Institute For Family Health
Planned Parenthood
Seleni Institute
The Center