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Birth Control – Delivered


Twentyeight (28) Health birth control prescription & delivery service.  It’s very low cost… as low as $0 copay or $18/month out of pocket.  Plus, they accept Medicaid!

*Currently, their service is only available to people in NY, NJ and PA.  If you don’t live there, don’t worry – they’re expanding to other states soon.)

What we love:

  • Quick, easy, and reliable! Fill out a 10-minute medical questionnaire that is reviewed by board-certified doctors.
  • You can securely message the doctor or hop on a quick call (which is optional)!
  • Don’t have insurance? No prob- it’s as low as $18 a month.
  • Have insurance? Cool. Then it may be free (the monthly cost is the same as your copay, which is often $0)!!
  • No more waiting on line at the pharmacy- it’s delivered to your home!

Use it for:

  • Making the birth control process quick and easy.
  • Getting affordable birth control if you don’t have insurance


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