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Menstruating + Spirituality


At the Well’s “Wrestling With Menstruation,” explores the connection between Earth’s natural cycles, Jewish spirituality, and menstruation.

Why we love it:

  • educational opportunities that bring spirituality into the body and health conversation – from a place of finding more freedom instead of oppression…heck ya.
  • sharing secular traditions with non-secular communities in an effort to unite, flourish and grow together.

Use it for:

  • Learning about and connecting to your cycle through powerful stories and traditions from an ancient religion… Judaism. (very cool)
  • Resources to support you in further research and exploration, including a glossary with both reproductive and Jewish terms.

*Please note, C+S is interested in the intersection of our cycles and all religions. Represent another org. focused on the intersection of reproductive/ sexual health and spirituality?Get in touch.


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