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Custom Hormonal Supplement Packs


Daily supplement packs crafted specially for your body and delivered to your door to support you with period management, trying to get pregnant or the post-baby years. Yes!

Why we love it:

  • Your supplement packs are specifically designed for your body’s needs and your reproductive life cycle phase.
  • You get access to chat with a nurse at any time!
  • Supplements are vegan, gluten-free, and made with no preservatives or fillers. Plus, the packaging is recyclable
  • They put a lot of thought into each supplement (e.g the calcium isn’t constipating.  The probiotic has a prebiotic too and is formulated to help with digestion and yeast infections!)

Use it for:

  • Support with yeast infections and BV
  • Improved digestion, energy, sleep – stronger hair, skin and nails. (vitamins, ya’ll!)
  • Regulating your cycle (wacky periods? Try this!)
  • Supporting your fertility to get pregnant
  • Supporting your body in the postpartum period
  • Relief from menopause symptoms


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