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Pure Rose Quartz Curved Dildo


A pure rose quartz dildo. Self-care at it’s finest, people!

Why we love it:

  • We all deserve to be filled with beautiful things
  • It’s beautiful! Use it as room decor and a pleasure tool.
  • No motors, batteries, plugs or USB connections.  Just you and your crystal. Namaste.
  • Sexuality meets spirituality – each Chakrub was designed to work with a different one of your chakras. This one is meant to connect you with your Heart.


Use it for:

  • Safely exploring what brings you pleasure.
  • Opening your Heart Chakra. (aka loving yourself and others more.)
  • During times of grief or pain- to stay connected with your self.
  • As a tool to slowly tap back into your sensuality post- trauma.
  • To assess pain points in your pelvic floor


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