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Snug Butt Plug


Maybe you’re new to butt play (we sure are!), buttt (hehe) don’t you get a little bored sometimes of playing with the same hole? Let us ease you in with b-Vibe (we’re killing it with the puns).


Why we love it:

  • It’s small so it’s a great intro toy
  • It’s safe for your body
  • We encourage experimenting with your butt…c’mon ya only live once!
  • It comes with a pleasure guide for us first timers


Use it for:

  • Stimulating the prostate or the back of your vaginal wall
  • All sorts of new sensations- Double penetration (butt and vag at the same time! Then try adding some clitorial stim in the mix…) whoa.
  • Practicing getting comfortable with butt play, before you’re ready for anal, or to sustain your pleasure (you can wear it for hours!)
  • Spicing up your relationship


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