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Cycle Syncing Online System


Monthly Flo: The Cycle Syncing System is a video series and reading lessons to get you set up to understand your own cycle and make it work for you! Created by the OG period expert, Flo Living. It costs $297 to sign-up and $9.99 per month (with the first 3 months free).

Why we love it:

  • Um hello, finally a lesson in understanding your body, keeping your hormones balanced and making your periods better. DUH.
  • There are 7 sessions with 3 video lessons each… love visuals.
  • Includes 3 months of online support and access to FLO experts.
  • Includes recipes, best practices, surveys, and teaches you to apply what you’re learning.

Use it for:

  • Making your periods better.
  • Balancing those hormones.
  • Learning about your cycle.


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