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Smart Breast/Chest Pump


Elvie’s breast/chest pump that’s silent, cordless, smart (app connected) and doesn’t require it’s own suitcase to travel. Holy shit- it’s a miracle! 


Why we love it:

  • No tubes. No wires. No noise. Sweet, sweet relief.
  • It’s so small and so portable!
  • You can actually get shit done as you’re pumping.
  • It fits directly in your nursing bra so you can lead that meeting while pumping your milk, and no one needs to know! We told you it’s a miracle.
  • Connects to an app to monitor milk volume in real time and tracks your pumping history. 
  • Control the pump discreetly from your phone. No need to fiddle with settings inside your bra!


Use it for:

  • Helping you transition back to work after having a baby.
  • Remembering which side you pumped last
  • Tracking how much milk you are pumping during your pumping sessions
  • Pumping in public while still livin’ your life.


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