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Period Cup + Period Discs


Flex’s Discovery Kit has two innovative period products in one: a menstrual cup (with a release ring) and menstrual discs.

Why we love it:

  • You get two try out two different period products in one.
  • Cup is reusable and has a cord for easy removal!
  • Disc be worn during period sex (ya!)
  • You can wear both all day long without feeling it
  • It wont fall out when you poop

Use it for:

  • Figuring out a new period product best for your body
  • Period sex (only with the Disc)
  • Getting more intimate with your period blood – did you know the color and consistency can give you clues about your hormones?!
  • Avoiding tampon pangs (ya know that shooting pain you get sometimes from wearing a tampon? You won’t get it with these!)


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