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Reusable Pad – Heavy Flow


Lunapads-Performa Super is a reusable pad that turns any pair of your underwear into “period underwear”. Never ruin a pair again!


Why we love it:

  • Because it isn’t disposables so you aren’t creating extra waste.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • It holds up to four tampons worth of blood
  • Patented dry-wicking cotton top
  • Great option for those who can’t, or have difficulties changing their period product throughout the day
  • It lasts 3-5 years!


Use it for:

  • In place of or in conjunction with tampons, menstrual cups, and discs when you have your period
  • After you have a baby- so you don’t have to wear a diaper for the next 6 weeks of postpartum bleeding
  • Light Incontinence
  • After terminating a pregnancy or experiencing miscarriage


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