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Period Pads That Help With Period Discomfort- Variety Pack


Nannocare’s® hypoallergenic period pads that actually combats menstrual discomfort, odors and is also anti-bacterial. Whaaat?!

Comes with 18 pantyliners, 12 regular, 6 super pads

A note on how it works: Far Infrared energy is a form of radiant heat that various studies have shown may have potential healing effects.  While the eyes can’t perceive this wavelength, the body experiences it as gentle heat. Far Infrared lamps and saunas are used to treat a host of discomforts. Nannocare® brought this technology to the menstrual pad.  Far Infrared energy is considered safe.

Nannopads® have a grey strip on them that provide Far Infrared energy to your parts. Think of it like a tiny, targeted heating pad. Except that the body can’t detect the heat that is being transferred back to your pelvic region.

Why we love it:

  • Re-read the description. Need we say more?
  • For the first time, we may actually be down to try a pad
  • It’s made with 100% cotton

Use it for:

  • Softening the discomfort associated with your period

Note: for best results, wear the pantyliners for the first few days before your period starts



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