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Hormone-Free Birth Control App


Oh my god, Natural Cycles is a hormone-free digital birth control. (praise all the gods!). The birth control app uses an intelligent algorithm to analyze your basal body temperature to tell you when you’re fertile and need to use protection if you don’t want to get knocked up.

Why we love it:

  • Finally, an option for those who don’t want the extra hormones or a foreign object inserted into their body.
  • You can buy it for an annual fee of $89.99 (with thermometer) or $9.99/mo (thermometer not included…but you can add it for $14.99.) We love options.
  • You enter your temperature into the app and it tells you if you’re fertile or not. Done and done.
  • You can track and predict your periods which means you have more information to take more control over your body.


Use it for:

  • Birth control
  • Tracking and understanding your cycle.
  • Having choice and power over your fertility and body.

*allbodies tip: to support in confirming when you are ovulating, it’s encouraged (but not required) to take an LH (hormone) test.


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