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Ohnut Wearable for Painful Penetration


Ohnut’s wearable that allows couples to explore comfortable penetration depths during sex.  AKA a friendly tool if penetration gets painfully deep.

Why we love it:

  • 75% of people with vaginas will have painful sex in their lifetime.  Finally, some support!
  • Made with an FDA approved body-safe material (BPA and latex-free!) that is super soft and stretchy
  • The four rings are stackable and adjustable because each body is different

Use it for:

  • More comfortable penetrative sex- let’s be real, it can be painful!
  • Penetration with pelvic floor challenges
  • Building back up to deeper penetration confidence after having a baby
  • Penetrative sex with Endometriosis
  • Post-operation
  • When you’re feeling ready to build back up to penetrative sex after trauma or assault


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