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At-Home Fertility Test


The Modern Fertility hormone test you can take at-home.

Why we love it:

  • Knowing your hormone levels and ovarian reserve (aka number of eggs you have) helps you make more informed choices about your fertility options. Instead of, “Should I freeze my
    eggs?” the first question can be, “What’s going on with my body and what is right for me?”
  • It’s extremely affordable. (can cost up to $1K to get this testing at a clinic.)
  • Take the test even if you are on hormonal birth control.
  • It comes with tons of resources: reports about your body, 1:1 calls with a nurse, discussion guide to take to your doctors, access to a weekly webinar and The Modern Fertility community.

Use it for:

  • Real data for decisions around your family timeline, fertility treatments, even menopause.
  • To track your hormone levels and your ovarian reserve year over year––to better understand your timeline and start a conversation with your doctor.
  • To better understand menopause timing, PCOS (which 1 in 10 women has), POI (premature ovarian insufficiency), and Hypothyroidism.
  • To find community around fertility.


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