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At-Home Sperm Fertility Test


An at-home fertility test…FOR THOSE WITH SPERM! Fertility takes two.  All this emphasis on egg count and quality, but half the time, it’s the sperm that’s the issue- and sperm counts are declining globally!  It’s about time we shifted the convo.  Simply jizz into the tube, give it a whirl in the device provided and get your results (optimal, moderate, low) after 6 minutes.  The entire process takes 45 minutes from start to finish… and you never have to leave your couch.

Why we love it:

  • It’s SO easy to use- you don’t even need to send your results anywhere- kinda like a pregnancy test.
  • Sperm counts can change. Use Trak to see changes and get your count to optimal with sperm-friendly health and lifestyle habits. This kit comes with four tests!
  • To get an understanding of your overall hormonal health why is your sperm count low?
  • Information to bring with you to your clinical provider and/or complementary care practitioner


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