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Sex: Circumcised V. Uncircumcised Penis

Sex: Circumcised V. Uncircumcised Penis

Sex: Circumcised V. Uncircumcised Penis

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Is sex different with a partner that has an uncircumcised penis vs circumcised?




Dear #PenisPressure


Like with most things in sex, there isn’t a clear answer to this—it depends on the person! It’s always a good idea to ask a partner what they like and don’t, and explore together. That’s because, despite what the media tells us, when it comes to sex there is no “normal” or “best,” only more and less common. That being said, here are some things to keep in mind: An uncircumcised penis may be more sensitive. That means you might need to be gentler when playing with it, especially around the head. It also may be easier to give a hand job without lube as the foreskin will slide around. Intercourse might be more pleasurable for you. Some partners of people with uncircumcised partners report that there’s less friction than compared to penetration with a circumcised penis. Less friction = more sensation. YUM. You may also need to be a bit more mindful when putting a condom on an uncircumcised penis. You want to pull back the foreskin just a bit but not so far that it pushes the condom off. Remember that all genitals are awesome, whether they have no foreskin or a lot! Enjoy!


Kait Scalisi, MPH

Kait Scalisi, MPH is a sex educator who helps womxn find #freedominpleasure with fun + practical tips to create a sex life that’s as intimate, exciting, & fulfilling as the rest of their relationship.

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