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If you grow up in America, the sex ed you receive in school varies significantly depending on where you live.  Each state government has the power to mandate what (and what’s not) included in their public school sexual health curriculums… and baby, the spectrum is very wide.  Check out these 2019 stats from the Guttmacher Institute:


  • 19 states require emphasis on abstinence before marriage.
  • only 17 states require content to be medically accurate (yes, you read that right).
  • only 19 states require info about contraception.
  • only 9 states require culturally appropriate and unbiased info (meaning, not racist, homophobic or instilling the fear of god).
  • only 3 states restrict the promotion of religion.
  • only 8 states (+ D.C) require info about consent.


Yikes, the sex-ed situation across America is grim!  We wanna help, but we need more context.  Before we design into better future, we must understand how we got here.

With the power and passion of this community, we organized over 50 volunteers to conduct a deep-dive analysis into the state of Sex-Ed in America…

We surveyed every state (+ D.C); examined their history, policies and outcomes.  We interviewed teachers and students to find out what’s actually happening in classrooms and found the organizations doing the work to better support sexual health education and care.  Below is phase 1 of our findings!  Click each state (+ D.C.) to see what we found.


*Share with the people in your life, because knowledge is power, and having power over our body is key to being happy, healthy and free!  If you have feedback, notice something we missed or want to add your story the conversation, get in touch.  Huge shoutout to every volunteer who made this project possible. 🙌