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The Secret To Multiple Orgasms

The Secret To Multiple Orgasms

The Secret To Multiple Orgasms

Dear allbodies,


How can I achieve multiple orgasms? (I have a vagina!)




Dear #HungryForMore


Oh the magic of the multiple orgasm! Vagina owners don’t require a refractory period post orgasm and can keep building on climax after climax, usually 2 or 3 times. The key to obtaining this magic power is to master the art of your own orgasm. Here are some tips:⠀


1.) Consider doing some kegels exercises to strengthen your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. The benefits of strong PC muscles and increased blood flow include deeper vaginal sensations and the ability to repeat the orgasmic pulses displayed during orgasm. ⠀


2.) Take your time! Multiple orgasms rely on consistent arousal. Don’t skimp in the foreplay, oral, and varied stimulation. ⠀


3.) Invest in a powerful toy! Most vagina owners find it easier to orgasm with clitoral stimulation versus internal penetration. Investing in a vibrator designed for external pleasure might be your key to experiencing multiple ‘O’s. ⠀

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