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Tia Clinic

So many things! If you live in NYC this membership-based clinic can help you with everything from Paps to Breast/Chest Health, Blood tests, STI testing, annual check-ups and more!


The Tia Clinic is located at 30 East 23rd Street, 7th Floor New York, NY 10010

The Tia Clinic is a modern gynecology, primary care, and wellness practice designed by women for women. You buy a (very affordable) yearly membership, and then have access to getting your pap smears, blood tests and other GYN needs in a truly GORGEOUS environment. They even give you special robes so you don’t feel like you’re diseased while you get your exam. Additionally, their space offers community events and other holistic services. Insurance accepted!

  • The clinic is synced with a cycle, health & wellness tracker that connects with your doc for seamless information sharing (finally!)
  • We would actually just hang out in the clinic for funsies – it’s that beautiful
  • The annual membership is super affordable and Tia takes many insurances for gynecology, primary care, and acupuncture. You can email them at sayhello@asktia.com to see if you would be in network with them!
  • Use them for primary care and get support for things like, treating strep, colds and the flu!
  • Because they believe stirrups are for horses.  
  • Your annual exam
  • Hormone testing
  • Infections, pain, discomfort
  • Working with your hormones
  • Gut health support
  • PCOS management
  • IUDs
  • Acupuncture

“Love love loved it! I felt so supported and cared about by the staff. It was relieving and refreshing and made me feel 1000% better about going to the doctor. And I loved the socks.”

“I love the Tia Clinic!! Been going there mostly for group acupuncture and have consistently had an amazing experience. Group acupuncture appointments are super affordable—that alone has made my annual membership basically pay for itself. The space is unbelievably beautiful and well thought out, and I love the acupuncturist, Elana. My appointments are consistently on time (though I wouldn’t mind waiting longer in the beautiful waiting / living room area), and I never feel rushed during the appointments. Elana always listens patiently and without judgement to all my concerns, and makes sure to take the time to thoroughly discuss and address each of them. She even keeps track of and follows up about each issue I’ve brought up in past appointments. I really feel heard, understood, and cared for— which seems like it should be a given for a healthcare experience, but it somehow feels revolutionary. I always leave feeling refreshed and luxurious. I’m disappointed that I haven’t had a need to see the OBGYN yet, because she seems wonderful! Never thought I’d look forward to having to go to the gyno.”

As a doctor in training, I was WOW-ed by tia clinic. The attention to detail in terms of patient care was incredibly impressive. I not only felt  comprehensively taken care of, but got extremely personalized education about my OBGYN health. 10/10 experience, unlike any other clinic I’ve worked at or been to as a patient”

I reference to their  Gut Health group program: “I loved the group environment. For the first time, I didn’t feel alone in a lot of the gastro & food related that I’ve been facing. I felt listened to and comfortable sharing without judgment. Erica is like a real life health guru version of Google. She makes you feel understood when you share “TMI topics” while also educating you on some potential root causes. She breaks down her explanation in a way that is easy to understand, unlike most doctors who rush through explanations. After the workshop, I finally have a solid understanding of how my digestive system works, the benefits of mindful eating, and the mind body connection between my brain and gut. I now know what foods to 100% avoid, foods to limit, and most importantly how to get my body back on track so I can be the healthiest and happiest version of myself. Figuring out what foods and lifestyle choices work for you is an ongoing journey and this workshop provided me with invaluable knowledge. The workshop also inspired me to keep learning more about functional medicine and natural treatments.”

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