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the instructor

Amy Baumgarten is a Holistic Movement Coach, Pilates, and Yoga Instructor.

what to expect

Do you know where your pelvic floor is?  Cause we didn’t!  And it turns out, the pelvic floor is responsible for SO, SO MUCH!  Like what you ask?  Oh ya know, just stabilizing the rest of your organs, core strength, elimination, pleasure…stuff like that #nbd.


So let’s explore our pelvic floors and learn how to keep em healthy!

pre-class prep

Wear comfy pants and make sure you have access to a chair and flat wallspace, as well as a towel or shirt you can roll up.

products to help with your pelvic floor...

18 (3)


“Smart” pelvic floor trainer and app compliment.  Generally better for those who need to strengthen their pelvic floors.

45 (1)

Wearable for Painful Penetration

If your pelvic floor is very tight, penetration can be painful! This tool can help!


24 (1)

CBD Suppositories

Another tool for those with very tight pelvic floors! These CBD suppositories can invite relaxation and therefore less pain!

more to learn...

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