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Contemporary wellness classes to unlock a healthier, sexier you.

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Allbodies is a new approach to healthcare.

We host live and on-demand health classes, led by trusted practitioners, that address our most important needs: healing trauma, sexuality, mental health, body literacy, and more... Finally - the trusted, holistic health and body information you've been looking for.

"Solving lady-part problems, one period at a time." -NEWSWEEK


Find real, trustworthy solutions, right for YOUR body.

  • Hate your period? Let's fix it. Wanna have more orgasms? Totally possible. Embarrased about that funky smell down there? We got you. Not feelin' confident in your body? We can help.


How it works

Allbodies gives you the knowledge and support you need to take control of your health.


1. Sign up!


Allbodies membership connects you to the world’s largest library of online health classes. For the first time, you can learn about your body from holistic practitioners, get your questions answered in a supportive environment.


2. Come to Classes


Search our class library, choose livestreams or on-demand, and filter by topic.  Sign up for livestreams to chat with practitioners and be in community. Or, watch on-demand classes anytime, anywhere. There’s even an App, so you can learn on the go!


3. Feel freakin’ good


You’re the real expert of your body and you call the shots.  Allbodies is here to inform, support, and empower you to better understand your body and health options.  Finally, you can take control of your own health and healing and feel freakin’ good.

Allbodies membership includes:

  • access to unlimited LIVE-streams and on-demand health classes
  • learning directly from holistic doctors, wellness practitioners and experts
  • peer-to-peer support with people like you in the Allbodies community
  • discounts on new products and services to keep you healthy

Are you ready to feel good in your body?

$17.99 / month. Cancel anytime. Money-back guarantee. 😍

From our members…

“I am so glad I found you all, I need this so much. I am in therapy and have an OBGYN, but this is so helpful in more ways.”

– Isabel


“It’s so powerful to experience vulnerability with strangers through video. It reminds me I’m not alone”

– Simone


“Allbodies has changed my life, my thinking and my approach to my female health. I feel so much for confident in myself”

– Janelle

Are you ready to feel good in your body?

$17.99 / month. Cancel anytime. Money-back guarantee. 😍