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Frequently Asked Questions


Allbodies is an online platform for sex and health education. We’re your trusted place to find information about your body and learn holistic ways to keep it thriving. Our library has 100’s of on-demand wellness videos, led by world-class practitioners, that address our most important needs holistically: sex, mental health, physical health, and culture.


Whether it be managing anxiety, having orgasms,  fixing vaginal infections, navigating racism in medicine, managing painful sex, maintaining a healthy gut, healing sexual trauma, or anything else… Allbodies delivers a safe, fun, empowering learning experience for all types of people. We are your friend, your mentor, and your advocate, a bridge between you and the doctor. We exist to provide the supportive knowledge and tools that give you true agency over your body.

Access to an incredible catalog of over 60+ sex, mind, body and culture classes taught by leading experts and practitioners. Topics are progressive, intersectional, and inclusive, and new classes are added every month. 


Each class includes around 6 video lessons that are 10 minutes long on average, along with journal exercises, takeaways, recommended products, and further resources. You also get access to regular livestream events, Q+A with experts, and our diverse community of Allbodies members around the world.

Our video lessons are available anytime, anywhere on your computer or phone through the Allbodies’ portal.  We also have an app that allows you to watch classes, join live events, and participate in the community network on the go.

Allbodies’ education is developed collaboratively with practitioners and experts across a variety of modalities, including nurse midwives, OBGYNs, sex coaches, talk therapists, historians, authors, doulas, fertility specialists, nutritionists, lawyers, and more. Every expert we work with is trauma-informed, queer-friendly, practices anti-racism, and takes a holistic approach to health. We choose experts by researching and analyzing the inclusivity of their offerings and work, interviewing clients, and reviewing ongoing feedback. A list of our educators can be found here.

*Allbodies does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We are not meant to replace a doctor, instead, we are your digital companion, sharing empowering information, tools, and support to help you thrive.

We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions! Email us at

After you sign up and confirm your email, you’ll be directed to the membership portal. The portal is where you can browse and start watching classes, sign up for upcoming events, and enter the community network. We’ll also send you a welcome email package that explains the ins and outs of how to use your new membership account.

Pricing and Payment

The annual membership is $12.50 per month, billed annually and the monthly membership is $17.99 per month. Both memberships include unlimited access to all current recorded classes, live events with experts, new classes when they launch, and the community network. All memberships include access to our app, surprise discounts and giveaways, and additional downloadable resources from classes.

Yes, we have special offers throughout the year! Also, we have a Community Fund that allows people to apply for partial or full scholarship rates. Apply for the Community Fund here.

Allbodies’ membership is FREE to anyone who identifies as Black. Why? Reproductive health (which is at the core of our work) is inextricably linked to slavery and racism. As an organization led by a white founder, we believe fully in reparations. If our platform can be valuable to the health and wellbeing of more Black people – it’s yours. If you’re interested, email us and ask for a Wellbeing Membership. We’ll get you set up immediately.

Yes, you can pause your annual membership for up to 3 months. Email us at and we’ll help.

If you want to cancel or pause your membership, email us at at least one business day before your charge date and we’ll get you situated. You can pause your annual membership for up to 3 months. Please note: canceling your membership through our website does not cancel your payment, so please make sure to email us.

If you purchase an Annual Membership, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Our goal is to make sure that you have the best health learning experience possible. If Allbodies isn’t for you, then email us within 30 days of the date you purchase your membership, and we’ll offer a full refund. *We do not offer refunds for monthly memberships. 

r refunds for monthly memberships.

We sure do! Email and tell us the name of your organization and the size of the group and we’ll get back to you.