ABOUT - allbodies.

formerly known as CYCLES + SEX

an unprecedented platform for reproductive and sexual health.

our mission is to inform and empower all bodies.



You are the expert of your body.

We aim to give you tools to help listen, understand and best advocate for your body.

Racism and sexism are real.

...and woven deeply into our culture and institutions. We shine light on this and work intentionally to counter it.

Diverse perspectives matter.

We bring together western medicine, alternative practices, scientific research, ancient wisdom AND community narratives so you have access to diverse information to best inform your decision making.

We're in this together.

We exist to support our collective health, freedom, and embodiment. Your feedback and experiences are intrinsic to our product. We welcome your voice to the table, we need it.


an ecosystem of tools for an optimum and holistic healthcare experience.


Our content…
  • follows research guidelines created by Jaclyn Chavira, MPH and Community Health Educator with UCLA OBGYN alongside the professors at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.
  • is medically reviewed by RNs, Midwives or MDs
  • honors multiple modalities (More traditional models + complimentary practices)
  • honors research-backed evidence, clinical experience AND community narratives


Our products...
  • support, inspire and deepen the connection to your body
  • are innovative in design and/or function
  • are aligned with our mission


Our practitioners are...
  • cycle-literate
  • trauma-informed
  • patient/client-first
  • vetted by allbodies 
But hey, we’re human, so we mess up sometimes. If you see something we can do better, please GET IN TOUCH. We're learning, just like you! ✌️