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Why does nobody know anything?!


We have so many questions here, starting with; Why is it that though we all came from a uterus, so few of us actually know anything at all about childbirth save for what we see on TV (which, shocker, is totally inaccurate!) It’s no wonder so many of us are terrified, we are so under-educated! We are scared we’re going to get pregnant when we don’t want to, scared we won’t be able to get pregnant if and when we do, scared about the whole process once we are… Man, having a uterus can be hard! But, it also can do some pretty crazy stuff for us; ya know, like grow and nurture a tiny human being (and then help push it out through your bones and vagina) #NBD. So, how do you discern if you actually are pregnant? What do you look out for? What’s normal? How do you know if you need to call the doc or midwife? Is bleeding OK? Should you feel differently? Are cramps a certain sign of miscarriage? We wanna know too! Stick with us- here’s some popular Qs from our community, answered.

Didn't get the sex-ed you wanted?

Same. So we made you classes on sex + pleasure, trauma, body literacy, racism + sexism, mental health + more!