How to Masturbate (For Vulvas)

Why is there shame around vaginal masturbation? It’s time to normalize and enjoy the rainbow of masturbation options, so come learn about vulva/vagina masturbation! In this class you will learn: 

  • To identify all the parts of the vagina and vulva that can be stimulated
  • About arousal and sexual response 
  • The different types of masturbation and masturbation techniques for vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm!


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About the expert

Myisha Battle

Myisha Battle is a sex and dating coach, who works on all things sex, dating, and relationships, from vaginal orgasms to aphrodisiacs. She has a Bachelors in Health Education, a certificate in Gender & Sexuality, and a Masters in Psychology. On top of this, she has also received sex coach training from Sex Coach University and is a certified member of the World Association of Sex Coaching. She is known as “The Oprah of Sex.” She works virtually with clients one-on-one as well as with partners.


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