Next Level Sex

We’re encouraged to think good sex just happens, but good sex takes commitment, practice and communication. It’s also not about starting at the partner level, it’s about knowing what makes us feel good on a personal level and then bringing in another partner or maybe two.

This pack is designed to help make this process manageable. First, start with setting goals: what do you want to learn? do more of? less of? try out? Then, spend time with just you and your vulva, understanding what makes her tick so you can better communicate your desires with a partner. Next up, you’ll learn to share those freshly defined desires with a partner. Talking about sex is sexy. To top it off, this pack will introduce you to more purposeful and empowering approaches to blow jobs and threesomes.

Classes are taught by three allbodies experts: Sex & Dating Coach Myisha Battle, Sex Educators Javay Frye-Nekrasova and Frenchie Davis.

    • Setting Sex Life Goals
    • How to Talk About Sex
    • How to Masturbate for Vulvas 
    • Empowered Blowjobs
    • How to Have a Threesome


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Classes Included:

Setting Sex Life Goals

Learn to set pleasure and relationship goals to live a more purposeful and fulfilling sex life. Prioritize blocking off your calendars for some midday delight. Who is with us?

HOW to talk about sex

Here's a secret: people who talk about sex have better sex. We give you the tools to become a regular chatty cathy in the bedroom.

How to Masturbate [For Vulvas]

Masturbation is a love affair with ourselves, so let's get loving. Explore the rainbow of masturbation techniques, focusing on both vaginal and clitoral orgasms.

Empowered Blow Jobs

If you don't like giving blow jobs, don't give em! But, we have a secret: by learning to center your own pleasure during this gracious act, you may cum around to them!

How to the Heck to Have a Threesome

Do good things come in threesomes? Learn how to have a successful one: where to find partners, how to negotiate needs, and manage jealousy.

*You can buy each of these classes individually, too.