Cervical Mucus in Early Pregnancy

Cervical Mucus Early Pregnancy

Cervical mucus in early pregnancy From puberty, most people with a vagina notice discharge in their underwear at some points during their menstrual cycle. This discharge is totally normal, and includes a special fluid called “cervical mucus.” And guess what? Keeping track of changes to your cervical mucus is a great way to understand what’s […]

Getting Down With Your Cervix…We Know You’re Curious!

Cervix Changes

Getting down with your cervix… We know You’re curious! Have period cramps? You probs think about your uterus. Got your period? Mind’s on your vag. But what about that part in-between? The magical gateway that can lengthen and shorten, soften and harden, open and close… that can produce fluids to help you fight infection, help […]

Lightning Crotch

Lightning crotch

Lightning Crotch Check it: You’re 37 weeks pregnancy — waddling along, minding your own business and then BAM! A sudden, sharp pain flashes through your pelvis, taking your breath away and possible stopping you in your tracks for a moment or two. The pain disappears as quickly as it came. And you’re left wondering, “what […]

Spotting vs. Periods

Spotting vs. Periods

Spotting vs. Periods Spotting and periods: they can both come without warning, stain your favorite underwear, and- be super annoying. But they’re not the same thing—right? Well, we’re glad you asked. Let’s get into it! Spotting vs. Period Differences The main diff is that spotting is way lighter in volume and appearance than menstrual period […]

Wild Ways Your Body Changes When You Ovulate

Two people holding hands

Wild Ways Your Body Changes When You Ovulate Ever have one of those nights when you just need to masturbate? We’re talking like, a real deep need to climax multiple times before crying your eyes out and taking a huge ass sigh of WTF just happened?! While other nights, masturbating is the very last thing […]

Does Sunlight Affect Your Period?

period working out

Does sunlight affect your period? Bought to your in partnership with Flex If Have You Ever Thought That The Sunshine Affected Your Period? That Your Menstrual Cycle Seems Shorter In The Summer And That Grey Days Made Those Cramps Worse? But Is This Just A Feeling, Or Does The Weather Actually Impact Our Cycle? We […]

Nexplanon Weight Gain

Nexplanon Weight Gain

Nexplanon Weight Gain If Okay, So If You’re A Reproductive Health Enthusiast Like Us Here At Allbodies, You Might Alraedy Know A Thinkg Or Two About Nexplanon, AKA The Implant BC. But What Do You Know About Side Effects Like Weight Gain? If You’re Like, ‘Psst, I Know It All!,’ Then 1) Impressive, And 2) […]

Pop Goes Your Amniotic Sac: AKA Water Breaking 101

Pop Goes Your Amniotic Sac: AKA Water Breaking 101 We All Know That Water Can’t Really “Break” So When We Talk About “Water Breaking” In Labor, What The Heck Is Going On? It’s All About the sac The amniotic sac is a thin, two-layered membrane that lines the uterus and protects the growing fetus and […]

Nexplanon Removal

Breast Chest Health

nexplanon Removal Ever Wondered About The Birth Control Implant That Goes Into Your Arm? Well, You’re In Luck, Because We’ve Got All The Ins And Outs Of Nexplanon, From Insertion To Removal, Effectives, To Side Effects. Oh, And Also, For A Fully-Rounded Picture, We’ve Asked A Few Friends To Share Their Experience Of Nexplanon To […]


Natural Colon Cleanse

POOP BETTER: HOW TO DO A NATURAL CLEANSE AT HOME In partnership with TUSHY Ah, the good ol’ colon cleanse! “Cleaning” out the large intestine of digestive waste. A practice that dates back to ancient Greece (Hippocrates recorded using enemas for fever therapy (1)!), and in the US that became popular in the early 1900s […]


The moon phases and menstrual chart

Menstrual chart and the moon In partnership with At The Well the moon phases and menstrual chart The lunar cycle clearly affects the planet. Just think of the tides! The tides are literally a result of the gravitational pull between the sun and moon (1), and serve as a constant reminder that our planet is […]


Can you smoke weed on birth control

Smoking weed on birth control If you’re asking, it’s likely because you already partake in both activities, or partake in one, and are interested in exploring the other. Whether it’s for relief, euphoria, or just a good ole time, here’s what you need to know about weed and hormonal birth control. Do or Don’t? The […]