Spotting vs. Periods

Spotting vs. Periods

Spotting vs. Periods Spotting and periods: they can both come without warning, stain your favorite underwear, and- be super annoying. But they’re not the same thing—right? Well, we’re glad you asked. Let’s get into it! Spotting vs. Period Differences The main diff is that spotting is way lighter in volume and appearance than menstrual period […]

Does Sunlight Affect Your Period?

period working out

Does sunlight affect your period? Bought to your in partnership with Flex If Have You Ever Thought That The Sunshine Affected Your Period? That Your Menstrual Cycle Seems Shorter In The Summer And That Grey Days Made Those Cramps Worse? But Is This Just A Feeling, Or Does The Weather Actually Impact Our Cycle? We […]


The moon phases and menstrual chart

Menstrual chart and the moon In partnership with At The Well the moon phases and menstrual chart The lunar cycle clearly affects the planet. Just think of the tides! The tides are literally a result of the gravitational pull between the sun and moon (1), and serve as a constant reminder that our planet is […]