Have a Happy & Healthy Vagina

Vagina’s and vulvas are complex, mysterious, incredible body parts. They change shape, self-clean, give pleasure, protect and manage an entire separate microbiome ecosystem.

Most of us were not taught to understand and care for them properly. Lots of us feel embarrassed and intimidated by them.  From hormone cycles to periods to infections to birth to sexual pleasure…. there’s a lot. And, one annual visit to the gyno doesn’t leave you with the information you need. It’s your vagina and vulva and you deserve to enjoy it, understand it and make informed decisions on behalf of it. This class bundle will help you do exactly that. 

    • Vaginal Chemistry 101
      by Takiya Sakina Ballard, Certified Nurse Midwife
    • Your Periods Don’t have to Suck
      by Alisa Vitti, Hormone Expert, and Functional Nutritionist
    • Vulva/Vagina Orgasms
      by Myisha Battle, Sex and Dating Coach


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Classes Included:

Your Periods Don't Have to Suck

The extra bendy yoga instructor? The hot stranger in a dark bar? The saucy chef? Fill in the blanks. From super simple to elaborate, we’ll give you tools, ideas and scenario prompts to explore to bring a bit of play into your sex life. 

Chemistry 101

The vaginal ecosystem is all about pH levels, baby! Understand, restore and maintain the delicate balance of your vaginal microbiome to help manage keep your vagina healthy and manage chronic vaginal issues including yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

Vagina / Vulva Orgasms

Simply put, you deserve grunting-moaning-hair-raising orgasms. This class takes a look at a plethora of orgasm types for vulva/vagina-havers.

Your vagina will thank you.

*You can buy each of these classes individually, too.